19" Wall Mountable Cabinet

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Wall Mountable 19" 8 Line Cabinet by E&D Trading 

Build your own 8 Liner machine with our brand new cabinets.


  • Black Matte laminated finish 
  • Golden or Silver Trim gives the cabinets an elegant look
  • Decorative black plastic bezel
  • Button holes  already cut for easy installation and wiring
  • Printer and Bill acceptor/Coin Mech holes already cut for easy installation
  • Multiple access doors for easy maintenance and repair
  • Bill Acceptor has a separate compartment for security during maintenance
  • Ventilation holes and access for power supply and speakers


Customization Services

Call us today for a quote on custom built machines. Just select the cabinet size and the game and we can build your custom 8 liner for your business or game room. Our prices start at $799*

Extra Information

20.00 LBS