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AxesNetwork Generation Card Reader

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2.00 LBS

Product Description

AxesNetwork Generation Card Reader

AxesNetwork utilizes a smart card as the vehicle to both manage funds and track player activity. The transactions are securely conducted between the card with the encrypted information and our card reader which is installed in a slot machine. This preferred method of managing transactions provides for a more secure and cost effective operation than the existing magnetic card system.

Have the most complete view of your casino:


  • Increase revenue by increasing time on machine
    and by removing hand pays / slips / tickets.
  • AxesNetwork Generation Card Reader Reduce overall operating and IT cost.
  • Cashless (Smart Card) or cash integration.
  • Online or offline operation.
  • Provide intuitive Floor Plan views.
  • Connect to all machines using SAS, X-Series, Pulse, Bill Validators,
    Printers or mechanical meters.




  • Serverless solution
  • Current balance at all times
  • Average play time
  • Favorite game
  • First/last time played
  • Player performance
  • Historical betting amounts


  • Progressive and Mystery
  • Multiple level payouts
  • Single, Linked or Wide-Area
  • Customizable


  • Track revenue
  • Track revenue splitting
  • Compliance and regulatory auditing
  • Real time analysis of cash-in, payout and float
  • Historical reporting of profit/loss
  • Operate single or multiple sites


Just one platform enables end-to-end security management:

  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Audit

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