CashCode Bill Acceptors

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What differentiates CashCode bill validators from those of your competitors?

CashCode bill validators employ a number of patented processes, such as unique sensors and a bill transportation system allowing CashCode to achieve the highest acceptance rate in the industry and 100% rejection rate of known fraudulent bills. Other features include:

  • tool-free, easy service access
  • four-way bill validation
  • auto-calibrating/auto-tuning sensors, never requiring calibration papers
  • belt less transport system, saving replacement costs
  • new optical, inductive and dielectric sensors, optimizing validation rates
  • modular design
  • secure, lockable-removable cassettes (some models)
  • flash memory with smart stick downloads (some models)
  • the industry's first 1500 vault money cassette (some models)
  • and much more!
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