CashCode FLS-PH22-792737 Bill Acceptor Philippines

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CashCode FLS-PH22-792737

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The CashCode FLS is a truly universal banknote validator offered in a singular universal design regardless of the country, currency, mounting or protocol helping reduce logistic and inventory costs. This unit boasts value added product configurations and extensions such as sleep mode, a bulk note loader option and a 3000-note cashbox which is perfect for bill breaking machines.

Improve your operation and your customer’s first-hand experience with the excellent acceptance rate, security against counterfeits, field-proven reliability, and built in unique service support features.


Supports a Wide Range of Gaming and Transport industry communication protocols, simplifying retrofit projects

Exceptional Performance offers a 98% first-pass insertion rate on street grade or new bills

Global Design, flexible options; one product for all countries and all currencies reduces the need for various models in inventory

Unique Validation technology utilizes four spectrums of validation; Optical, Dielectric, Inductive and Ultra Violet

Self-centering Mechanism offers the best customer experience as it aligns bills or bar-coded coupons of different widths — even when fed at an angle


Industry Format

  • Frontload, Downstacker


  • PHP 20('10),50('10),100('10),200('10),500('10),1000('10)


Note Validation
  • Note path width: 62mm - 85mm

Interfaces Supported

  • Bi-directional (RS232), Serial, Pulse, Opto-isolated

Operating Temperature

  • 0°C to 50°C

Firmware Updates

  • USB Flash, Portable memory card, Network downloadable

Note Acceptance Speed

  • 3 seconds


  • 3.5 kgs


  • CE, UL 756, IEC 60950-1, CB REPORT, FCC, ICES-003 & R
  • IEC 60068-2-32:1 meter operational

Power Requirements

  • 12 V DC - 24 V DC

Acceptance Rate

  • 98% or higher

Note Insertion

  • 4-way

Barcode Ticket Insertion

  • 4-way

Validation Sensors

  • Optical, Inductive, Dielectric, Ultraviolet



Cashbox Options

  • 600 bill capacity, industry standard size
  • 900 bill capacity, fits most gaming machines without cage alterations
  • 1,000 bill capacity, reliable for redemption kiosks or change machines
  • 3,000 high capacity cashbox*

*requires special modified frame

CashCode FLS™ with 3000 Note Cashbox
Sleep Mode
CashCode FLS™ with IGT Protocol
CashCode FLS™ with GDS Protocol

Service Tools (CashCode FLS)

  • Portable memory card for firmware updates
  • PC Applications:
  • CRC Verifier – Verify CRC of firmware file
  • CFS Downloader – Download the firmware using USB connectivity
  • Navigator – Perform diagnostics and generate RMA report
  • CCNETStas – Reads bill validator performance data
  • SMNUtility – Assigns asset numbers to each bill validator

Cable Harness and Power Supply

  • Custom part numbers differ for each gaming platform
  • Available in either 12 or 24 Volt

oin-proof Metal Bezel

  • Part no. FLSB-7103 (Special Order)
  • With optic channel for status light (Green/Red)

This bezel requires additional grounding hardware on the unit housing. Please see the Bezel User Guide for mounting instructions.

BAT Bezel (Aristocrat compatible)

  • Part no. FLSB-5901
  • Bezel with oval shaped indicator light (Blue/Red)

Konami Compatible Bezel

  • Part no. FLSB-570X
    • X – Variant:
      1 – Standard
      2 – AGT/Star games customized

Open from top and includes runway lights (Green/Red)

Coin-proof Plastic Bezel

  • Part no. FLSB-5501
  • With optic channel for status light (Green/Red)
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

Cole Compatible Bezel

  • With Runway Lights
  • Part no. FLSB-530XY
    • X-Variant:
            1 – Full rectangle
            3 – Flange cut top
            5 – Raised bottom surface
            7 – Flange cut top and raised bottom surface
  • Y-Variant:
    • Green/Red Lights
    • Red/Green Lights
    • Blue/Red Lights

Standard Plastic Bezel

  • Part no. FLSB-5101
  • With runway lights (Blue/Red or Green/Red)

Cash Management System

oneCheck: Each bill validator offers this feature as a standard

  • Optional back-office station and web based SQL database



Extra Information

6.00 LBS

Warranty Information

2 years