CashCode MSM2005MN8310 Bill Acceptor Mongolia

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CashCode MSM2005MN8310

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The CashCode MSM BackLoad is a multi-width bill validator is designed to meet the needs of high volume, indoor or outdoor applications. Completing the transaction in less than 2.5 seconds, this unit is widely deployed as part of bill payment systems in self-service kiosks across 35 countries, performing daily volume transactions of 500 or more bills.

The MSM BackLoad uses a reliable self-centering mechanism and beltless transportation guides to perfectly center bills of different widths. This maneuver provides world class acceptance to street grade bills or barcoded tickets and includes high security for authentic validation and anti-stringing. Ideal for financial services applications like Bill Pay Kiosks, Mobile Top-up Kiosks, Petrol Terminal Kiosks, Hospital Service Kiosks and Admission Kiosks.


Superior technology shines through with high acceptance due to unique validation technology, utilizing 4 different  sensor technologies

Reduced jam rate by effectively processing multi-width banknotes using proven self-centering mechanism

Global currency supports over 35 countries with multi-width currencies of 62-77mm bill width such as the Euro and Brazilian Real

Advanced Algorithms supports self-tuning and self-calibration to limit unnecessary service calls

Better protection against counterfeit and manipulated notes enhanced with robust cashboxes in various sizes with lock and seal tab configurations


Industry Format

  • Backload, Upstacker, Downstacker


  • MNT 100,500,1000,5000,10000,20000


  • MDBS3 (12V + dual sleeping mode)

Note Validation

  • Note path width: 62mm - 77mm
  • Note length: Standard length 160 mm, Optional length 180 mm

Interfaces Supported

  • 12 V: ccNET(single slave, RS232), CCS (serial, TTL), Pulse, (opto-isolated (IPI), ID-003 (TTL), MDB
  • 24 V: MDB, Single price (with adapter), Host Intelligence Interface (HII, with adapter)

Operating Temperature

  • 12 V: 0°C to 50°C
  • 24 V MDB: -18°C to 60°C

Firmware Updates

  • Portable memory card, host network download

Note Acceptance Speed

  • 2.5 seconds


  • 1.7 kgs


  • CE, UL 756, IEC 60950-1, FCC, RoHS

Power Requirements

  • 12 V DC +/-1 V
  • 24 V AC or 15 V DC - 42.5 V DC


Standard, running lights, coin/vandal-resistant metal

Acceptance Rate

  • 98% or higher

Note Insertion

  • 4-way

Barcode Ticket Insertion

  • 2-way

Validation Sensors

  • Optical, Inductive, Dielectric, Ultraviolet


Sleep Mode Option

  • Reduce device power consumption to 10uA while in sleep mode. This option is supported with MDB12V protocol

Upstack Option

  • Choose from 4 bezel options (see accessories)

Upstack Option

  • Choose from 4 bezel options (see accessories)

Cashbox Options

  • 300 bill capacity
  • 500 bill capacity
  • 1,000 bill capacity

Locking Cashbox Options

  • 1 - 2 standard locks, seal tab or extra high-security gaming lock can be added onto any cashbox

Multiple Protocol and Interface Options

  • Choose from multiple protocol and interface options (see specifications)

Service Tools (MSM)

  • Portable memory card for firmware updates
  • PC Application:
  • CCNET Stats: read bill validator performance data
  • CCNET Simulator: allows communication with bill validator
  • CCNET SDK Kit: for window applications

Loose Cable

Power Supply

CleaninBezel Options (MSM)

  • Narrow plastic bezels with indicator lights (green and red)
  • Standard plastic bezels with runway lights (green and red)
  • Metal bezel (up stack or down stack)



Extra Information

5.00 LBS

Warranty Information

2 years