CashCode VU-CN1324 Bill Acceptor China

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CashCode VU-CN1324



 The CashCode VU-CN1324 bill acceptor is a multi-width, stackerless bill validator that has been providing a reliable, compact solution for over 15 years across the globe. 

Validated banknotes are dropped into a bag, box or safe of your choice inside the machine, locked up safe. This product is great for vending and amusement markets where only the owner/operator would have access to the host machine and the money. Using patented self-centering transport guides that automatically adjust to, and perfectly align with bills of different widths—this bill acceptor is ideal for countries with multi-width banknotes.




Reliability comes first with superior acceptance and security at 96% or greater on first bill insertion, tool-free service access, and a beltless transport system 

Easy to service with advanced auto-calibrating optical sensors, remote-upgradability using CCNet protocol and a simple LED diagnostics indicator 

Beltless transport system to reduce maintenance costs 

Flexible in design as the CashCode VU-CN1324 bill acceptor supports multi-width validation from 62 to 77mm and 4-way bill insertion 

Complete transport cycle at only 1.6 seconds per note can be sustained with not having to be to stacked in a cassette offering exceptionally quick performance 

Durable, metal chassis with anti-stringing protection keeps your money safe and protected 


Industry Format 

·         Stackerless/Freefall 


·         4 Pounds 


·         CNY 1,,5,10,20,50,100,100('15) 

Note Validation 

·         Note path width: 67mm, 71 mm Fixed-width or 62mm - 77mm Multi-width 

·         Note length: 120mm - 160mm 

Interfaces Supported 

·         12 V: CCNET 

Operating Temperature 

·         12 V: 0°C - 50°C, 24 V AC or 15 V DC - 42.5 V DC: -18°C to 60°C 

Firmware Updates 

·         Program memory, Smart-stick 

Note Acceptance Speed 

·         1.7 seconds 


·         CE, IEC 60950-1, ICES-003, RoHS 

Power Requirements

       ·         12 VDC +/- 1 V 

·         24 V AC, 15 V DC 42.5 V DC 


·         Coin/vandal resistant metal, Multi-width, Mini, Standard 

Acceptance Rate 

·         vcbc96% or higher 

Note Insertion 

·         4-way 

Validation Sensors 

·         Auto-calibrating, multi-color optical, dielectric, inductive 

Supported Drop Cassette Types 

·         1.1 kgs 






Service Tools


·         Portable memory card for firmware updates

 ·         PC Application:


·         CCNET Stats: read bill validator performance data


·         CCNET Simulator: allows perform communication with bill validator


Bezel Options


·         Coin/vandal resistant metal bezel


·         Multi-width bezel


·         Mini bezel


·         Standard bezel    


·         CCNET SDK Kit: for window applications


Extra Information

4.00 LBS

Warranty Information

2 years