Golden Mines by Astro

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Golden Mines
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 Golden Mines Game By Astro Features:

Golden Mines is a classic Gold mining theme that features three Dwarfs that award Free spins, Bonus games, and Wild features.  It can be run as a 9 line or 25 line game.

When the Beer symbol appears on reels two, three, or four the dwarf on the top of the reel will get a beer and the beer will accumulate in the reel.  When the reel fills up completely with beer the reel will turn “Wild” for three consecutive rounds.  The Wild reel can substitute for all symbols with the exception of the Jackpot and Scatter symbols.  Occasionally, the waitress will appear on the left side of the screen and will randomly ring the bell.  When this happens each dwarf will receive a glass of beer.

When three Scatter symbols appear it will give the player the choice to play the Bonus game or receive Free spins.

During the Free spins there are three dwarfs mining on the top of the second, third, and fourth reels.  When a Pot of Gold symbol appears on the reel the dwarf will jump down and change the whole reel to “Wild”.  When a Dwarf digs a gem up a few more Free spins will be awarded.

In the Golden Mines Bonus game there are fifteen ores and each of them contain gems.  The game has a total of five rounds.

  • Select five ores in round one
  • Select three ores in round two
  • Select three ores in round three
  • Select two ores in round four

After the player choose the ore, the player can choose to trade or not trade.  If the ores are traded the player is awarded the price of the trade.  If not to trade is chosen the player can pick different ores to trade for the chance of a better prize.  In the final round the player can choose between “your ore” or the “remaining ore” and is awarded the price of their choice.

  • Golden Mines can be configured for 9 Lines or 25 Lines
  • Wild Feature
  • Interactive Bonus game
  • Player choice of Free spins or the Bonus game
  • Hand Count, Score Box, and 10 Times options
  • Max 5 tickets per game option

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