ICT PA7-U2PB8-USD6 Bill Acceptor

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Model Currency Type Voltage Stacker Size Bezel Type Mounting Kit Link to Item
PA7-U1PB4-USD6 USD 110v-117v Ac 400 Note Capacity Standard Yes Link To Item
PA7-U1PB5-USD6 USD 110v-117v Ac 500 Note Capacity Standard Yes Link To Item
PA7-U1PB8-USD6 USD 110v-117v Ac 800 Note Capacity Standard Yes Link To Item
PA7-U2PB4-USD6 USD 12v Dc 400 Note Capacity Standard Yes Link To Item
PA7-U2PB5-USD6 USD 12v Dc 500 Note Capacity Standard Yes Link To Item
PA7-U2PB8-USD6 USD 12v Dc 800 Note Capacity Standard Yes  


ICT PA7-U2PB8-USD6 Bill Acceptor 

The ICT PA7 bill acceptor is the first multi-protocol validator released by ICT.

The ability to work on multiple power sources with simply the change of a harness or dip-switch customization protocol selection make this unit a suitable choice for most redemption focused applications.

  • Bill Acceptor with Stacker
  • Built-in anti-stringing device
  • Accepts US $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, & $100 bills
  • High Acceptance rate: 96% or better
  • Bills can be inserted 4-ways
  • Fast validation time of 3 seconds (including bill stacking)
  • 800 Bill capacity
  • Optic sensors read both sides of the bill for added security
  • Auto self-adjusting sensor system
  • Re-programmable via flash ROM module
  • Easily accessible dip switches
  • Standard bezel 
  • Bill path is easily accessible by pressing two buttons
  • Easy installation and low maintenance
  • Handy 8-pin RJ-45 connector on the side of the bill validator for downloading programs and updating validation software
  • Comes standard as 12v AC
  • With Cover mounting plate 
  • Can be used to replace the ICT N6 Bill Acceptor
  • 2 Year Warranty Backed by ICT



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6.00 LBS

Warranty Information

Two year warranty on all ICT PA7 Bill Validator