Land Of Fun Multigame from IGS

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Land Of Fun
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Land Of Fun is a multi-game from IGS.  Land Of Fun features three action packed games with interactive Bonus Rounds.

Gone Fishin’ Specifications:

After collecting four Buoy symbols on each reel the Collective Wild feature will be triggered.  The whole reel will become wild and will be held on the screen for the next three game plays.
When three Scatter symbols appear in a game the player can select either Bonus game or Free Game
In stage one of the bonus game the player spins the reel to win prizes or collects Fishing Buoys to enter the next stage.  During stage two the player selects the Fishing Buoys to collect more prizes.
During the Free games a Bonus Play symbol will add on Bonus Spins to be played after the Free Spins and increase the multiplier during the Bonus Spins.

Easter Island Specifications:

When the Shovel and Pick symbol appears in a game, it will randomly dig out the symbols around and turn them into Wild symbols.
2 Scatter and 1 Bonus symbol in a game will trigger the Bonus Game.  A player may have 5 chances to picks one of three baskets and win the prizes.  If a player picks a basket with more bananas, the prize is higher and the load is heavier.  When the loading is overweight or a player does not win first place, the Bonus Game ends and a player gets the prizes won.
The Final Round of the bonus the player has only one chance to throw a javelin.  A target sight will move until a player presses START.  When a thinner tree is hit, the prize value is higher.  At the end of the bonus game the player can select either Take or Retry.
2 Scatter and 1 Free Game symbols in a game will trigger Free Games and 5 free games will be awarded.

Samba Carnival Specifications:

A Parade feature is randomly triggered and players can press STOP button to decide the best winning result within the limited time.
 The Music feature is triggered when the Song Book symbol appears in a game.  It will change all Instrument symbols to Wild to increase the winning chance.
3 SCATTER symbols will trigger the Scatter Game.  Players pick one carnival crown on the screen to reveal either Dancing Queen Bonus or Float Parade Bonus.
In the Dancing Queen bonus the players may have 4 chances in the Dancing Queen Bonus Game.  Each time the stage curtain is drawn, players win a prize. Dancing Queen Bonus ends when the stage curtain is closed.
During the Float Parade bonus the players can pick 3 times.  Each pick will get one color and a prize.  If players get the same color, the wins will be tripled (ALL WIN x 3).  If players get all different colors, the wins will be doubled (ALL WIN x 2).  If players get 2 different colors, the wins will be the same (ALL WIN x 1).  When the Bonus Games ends the player can select either TAKE or RETRY.

Land of Fun also has the following features:

XGA High Resolution Graphics
Touch Screen Optional
Hold Feature
3 Jackpots Random or Progressive
Hand count, score box, and 10 times options
Max 5 tickets per game option

IGS Diamond Progressive System Linkable

Download Land of Fun by IGS User Manual


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3.00 LBS

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6 Months