LOHAS by Subsino

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LOHAS by Subsino


XVGA 16:9 game resolution

Vertical screen game

Touchscreen optional


Game Features:

WILD is joker and can replace for any of symbols, except SPIN and Fishing BUOY Symbol

SUPER LUCKY REEL: Watch the cruise go forward and growing bigger and bigger. Access instantly when three SPIN symbols find on Reel #1, Reel #3 and Reel #5 each. There is one great reel and three arrows to point the winning, which will random offer and light ON. Press START button or gesture touch the screen to trigger great Reel for great reward. The Max. Award is 1,000 times of Bet, and Max. 20 times Free Play. In which, find WILDsymbol will be held within Free Play.

BUOY BONUS & 4-LEVELS JACKPOT: Find the Shark on sea and stare FISHING BUOY lands on middle of Reels (Reel #3) to go fishing for Bonus Win or Lose. If Win, access Bonus screen and you'll receive 12 fishing Buoys. Selecting (Touching) a Buoy will reveal a fish or Times, and choose again. End the Bonus till EXIT finds. When 2 matching symbols (same kind of fish) have been revealed, the corresponding Jackpot (JP1, JP2, JP3 and JP4) will be awarded. When Times award as “Bet x2” , “Betx3” have been revealed, win instantly the times of Total Bet value.


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