MEI SC Advance SCN-L6648

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MEI SC Advance SCN-L6648



  • 1200 notes Cashbox capacity
  • 66mm wide bezel for US Currency
  • 4Way Barcode Reader
  • USB port
  • 12V – 28VDC Power

Power consumption:

  • Standby: 10 Watts
  • Accepting: 30 Watts
  • Stacking: 70 Watts


MEI SC Advance sets the standard for note acceptors worldwide. The knowledge gained from producing over three million note acceptors has created:


Advanced acceptance and security

  • A series of features contributing to a higher overallacceptance rate for legal notes while increasingsecurity against fraud.
  • New recognition system provides a second barcode sensor to improve global ticket acceptance rates and offer 4-way ticket acceptance.
  • Full spectral analysis uses multiple wavelengths of light to look all the way through the note and validate its authenticity.
  • Advanced recognition algorithms facilitate the industry’s highest acceptance rate-even if the notes have been worn or damaged.
  • Faster resolution to disputes with a window revealing the value of the last note stacked in the cashbox.


Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Robust design combines functionality and durability towithstand even the toughest conditions and maximizemachine uptime.
  • Extremely durable cashbox constructed of Verton plastic.
  • Protected internal mechanisms and drive gears insulates components from the operating environment.
  • Heavier gauge steel in chassis allows flexibility in mounting options. Easily updated through interface cards.
  • Fewer moving parts reduce required maintenance and associated inventory.


Exceptional note handling

  • Early rejects are virtually eliminated by the attempt toaccept all notes at first pass.
  • Corrective note transport system minimizes skew and offset in the acceptor head to prevent jams and unnecessary rejections.
  • Refined plastic molding techniques prevent obstructive flaws along the note path to avoid snags.
  • Sealed note path protects acceptor head from fluid and dust—significantly reducing the risk of jams.
  • Best acceptance of street quality banknotes.


Maximized Investment in CASHFLOW SC

  • Backwards compatibility with CASHFLOW SC extends the valueassociated with past and present investments in MEI, loweringthe overall cost of operation.
  • Because enhancements are localized to the acceptor head, retailers can update the front end at their own pace as capital becomes available.
  • Intelligent support tools sense the product version and run the corresponding software.
  • Includes all functionality developed for CASHFLOW SC — including a wide range of protocols, support tools, EASITRAX Soft Count and a variety of cashbox sizes.


Additionally, product enhancements can add functionality to SC Advance resulting in a tailored solution for your individual needs

  • MEI BNF (Bunch Note Feeder) - automatically deposits up to 30 notes, resulting in faster processing and freeing up employee time to provide customer service.
  • Advance Cassette Bag - stack money deposited into note acceptor in a tamper-evident bag.The bag expands to the amount of notes inserted, providing a lighter and less bulky solution than a cassette.
  • Advance STS - a Portable Programming Module (PPM) makes downloading upgrades simple and fast. The PPM allows flash via USB connectivity.


Extra Information

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