MEI VN27C2-U7M Bill Acceptor

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MEI VN27C2-U7M Bill Acceptor


Multi-wavelength, fully encased optical sensors and sophisticated data processing are combined for exceptional security and value

Fewer hassles, more transactions, ultra-low jam rates and easy acceptance make the Series 2000 bill acceptors a user-friendly product – one your customers can count on.

Easy acceptance with any up or down, old or new banknotes due to easy four-way acceptance, customers needn’t flip or turn bills prior to inserting them

Time saving set up and compatibility feature convenient access to switches and easy-to-read labels so you can customize operations with a single switch configuration coupon

Flashport for future flexibility flash memory enables quick, easy updates of software files such as new currency designs or value coupons



Industry Format
 Backload, Upstacker, Downstacker
Dimensions (H x W x D mm)
 185mm x 80mm x 84mm with 500 note cashbox
Note Validation
 Note width: 67mm
 Note length: 156mm
Interfaces Supported
 MEI serial protocol (EBDS) MDB, NISR; Multiple pulse for Gaming, Retail and Vending
Operating Temperature
 -15ºC to 60ºC
Power Requirements
 12 V DC, 22 V DC - 45 V DC
 Clear, Armored, VFM, 4-in-1 Plus, TouchTunes
Acceptance Rate
 95% or higher
Note Insertion

Extra Information

6.00 LBS

Warranty Information

2 years