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We accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept Diners Club. Split credit card payments are however accepted for orders placed over the phone or in our SuperStore.

Australia, Denmark, and France: cannot be paid with Visa and MasterCard if the total exceeds $3500. You can pay with American Express or Discover credit cards or via a wire transfer.



We accept PayPal payments (via our website only) provided that the shipping address is a PayPal confirmed address. PayPal is accepted for U.S., Canada & UK customers only.

Please note: PayPal payments cannot be combined with other payment methods.

Click here to learn more about Paypal.

Click here to learn more about what a PayPal "Confirmed" address is.

Click here to learn more on how to "Confirm" an address with PayPal.

Not sure if your address is "Confirmed"? You can check if your address is confirmed by logging in to this page. PayPal Confirmed addresses will be marked as "Confirmed" in the STATUS column.

Note: We do not accept eChecks (bank account payments) via PayPal unless you have sufficient funds available in your PayPal balance or a valid credit card attached to your account (for back-up purposes). PayPal may therefore ask you to add a valid credit card to your account or add funds to your PayPal balance to complete your order. Click here to learn more.

PayPal Customer Service can be reached at 888-221-1161 and will be able to help you verify if your address is confirmed. They can also assist you in setting up the information correctly on your account.



You may place an order by phone and pay via wire transfer. Please Call for Our bank information:

Additional bank fees that may apply are the sole responsibility of the customer. The E&D Trading Order number must be transmitted to us with the wire transfer in order to ensure the proper application of funds to the transaction.



To pay by check or COD, please place your order by phone at 954-922-6707

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