Pyramid APEX SPECTRA Bill Validator S400-UC3 (USA)

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Spectra S400-UC3
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The Pyramid Apex series Spectra bill validator features a high visibility bezel, with first-in-the-industry field configuration options.  You can configure this attractive bezel to sport all kinds of light patterns, from a US flag, to a single color sequence.  You can choose from dozens of pre-programmed factory patterns, or you can design your own pattern using the new bezel tools software available on Pyramid's website. 

The new bezel is designed to grab customer attention, and increase sales.  The validator is built off the Apex platform, with most of the internal parts remaining the same.  This validator is available in all the regular configurations of MDB, 110 volt, 24 volt, and 12 volt.  Downstacker, VFM, or Coinco style bezels are not available with the Spectra.  You must have a full 3" by 4" opening in whatever machine you want to put this validator in order for it to fit.

The Pyramid Apex bill acceptor is the industry's highest quality, lowest cost alternative to the big name manufacturers of MEI and Coinco.  Manufactured in Phoenix Arizona, the Apex bill acceptor is a shining icon of American exceptionalism in manufacturing.  Pyramid Acceptors Inc is the most operator friendly validator manufacturer in the world.  Unlike their competitiors, they will sell you parts for your broken bill acceptor if you choose to save money and attempt to repair it on your own.  They also offer a program compatible with any computer that allows you to view errors with the bill acceptor, and upgrade it to new software, right from your desktop or laptop computer.  Besides great customer service and quality American manufacturing, the Apex bill acceptor offers the following impressive validator features:

  • Lighted arrows on bezel entry
  • High anti-stringing and anti-cheat security features
  • Flash update and error diagnose from a handheld programmer, or from your computer
  • Multiple interfaces available
  • Pinouts and harnessing compatible with other manufacturers, i.e. MEI/Coinco
  • 110 volt, 24 volt, 12 volt, and MDB power and interface options
  • Bills up to 72mm wide accepted
  • Automatic self calibration, no user calibration required
  • Replaces any Pyramid 5000 series bill acceptor

Pyramid Apex Spectra S400-UC3-USA Bill Validator Technical Specifications

  • No Mag. Head
  • Compact high visibility Spectra Bezel
  • Upstacker
  • 500 Bill Non-Locking Plastic Cassette
  • MDB Option
  • Accepts $1,$5,$10,$20 USD.

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