Zoo Carnival - Virtual Coin Pusher Machine

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Old and proven fun game in a completely new manner and gameplay.

Emperor's Treasure - Virtual Coin Pusher Machine brings Coin Pushers on a completely new level of fun.

More fun than ordinary Coin Pusher for your players and easier for you to manage since there is no bunch of real coins involved to count, refill, etc.

Also, cheating is impossible with this type of digital Coin Pusher unlike real Coin Pushers


-One to Three Players
-The player can lock onto targets
-Super Bonus
-Vertical Style Cabinet
-DVI display required
-Lucky Lottery Wheel


Zoo Carnival is a virtual coin pusher machine game with the carnival theme.

Player’s score by hitting the moving animal figures on the carousel with coins. The missed coins will bounce backwards onto the coin pusher play field.  Players can use the Weapon button to increase the guns strength and the amount of coins bouncing back to the coin pusher .

When the player knocks off any animal figure other than the Golden Lion a prize card will drop onto the coin pusher.  If the prize card falls into player’s coin box, the player will win chances to spin the Lucky Lottery Wheel.  When the wheel spins the player has a chance to win more prizes like bags of coins and treasure chests.  When the wheel lands on Raising Barriers, a fence will raise up on the sides of the coin pusher and more coins will be forced into the players coin box.  When the wheel lands on Earthquake, an earthquake will shake extra coins into the player’s coin box .

When the player knocks off the Golden Lion they will receive one of the following Super Bonuses:

  • Tornado: Awards all animal figures on the carousel
  • Iron Cage: Shoot within 10 seconds and capture an animal figure
  • Coin Truck: All gold and silver coins get pushed into the player’s coin box
3.00 LBS